Thanks, Google auto-awesome!

At Yosemite Valley, admiring tall trees, looking at rocks, and pretending to be squirrel. Did you know? Area is so full of humans that I thought I was in amusement park. And also full of flushing toilets. But I guess learning about nature is an important amusement activity for humans, and also if you are going to have lots of humans it is better to collect all the poops, rather than everybody poop in the woods.

Also I got to zoom around a little on bike paths and I did not get eaten by a BEAR. So, overall it is a good place to visit once, and I can recommend to friends.

Magical woodland creature?

No, I am just an ordinary small mammal, with a luscious moustache.


did you know, bro?


  • Moustaches protect your nostrils from insects
  • Moustaches make you bike faster
  • Moustaches are made of carbon
  • The average moustache weighs less than 2 grams
  • 5 out of 5 labbit dentists agree that the sport of cycling would be 200% improved by the inclusion of more moustaches and/or
  • Winners don’t do drugs. Winners do moustaches.
  • Lance Armstrong does not have a moustache

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Happy memories Thursday! ACE found a picture from old lab with all my favorite things: RU, paper DAVID, moustache lamp, science paper

definitely not science paper

One tomato per human and a tomato for me,
Two humans per labbit and also a radish.


HELLO? Oh, human, it’s you!


Today is the fourth anniversary of escaping from Robot Store!!!

Is four years a long time for humans? I am not sure. This year I miss my labbit friends and family, but I am enjoying adventures with two humans and dog. And I am grateful to stay in touch with old friends through brog.

Thank you for being part of my labbit life!


On Saturday, I stayed home all day. On Sunday, I had a BATH. But on Friday, I got to ride bikes with an old, dear friend. So my weekend was still pretty good.

Our payment for jobs was a pedicab ride in city!

(Later payment was also to politely listen to elderly couple complain about street closures. Although come to think of it that is other direction of payment.)

Do you know? One of my favorite things about bicycles is that humans ride and stick out their butts. Humans are always giving me trouble about my butt, so it is a good time to imagine butt poking payback. Particularly if humans are macho road bikers who yell at you that pedicab is not legitimate bike. Although if you have that attitude, it is already like constantly poking yourself in the butt.

Just kidding, I am wishing the best for everyone and their butts!


Just kidding humans, your butts are not interesting, nobody is thinking about your butts.

Today is mini-open streets in Pasadena, and I have jobs of bicycle valet and advocate. Would you like to park your bike, and then sign petition to city officials to pass ordinance of discouraging harassment of cyclists, pedestrians, and others by drivers?

Thank you ~